Manage forest health and productivity with timely data.

With Axiom Applied Analytics’ high frequency, high-resolution satellite and airborne imaging and data, it’s easy to verify inventory, supervise deforestation, inform harvest planning, audit, and track the supply chain to make better-informed decisions.

Leverage our satellite and airborne data and analysis to define, monitor, and calculate forest assets remotely.

  • Species Identification for marketable timber
  • Carbon inventory assessment and management and offsetting
  • Verify statistical data on forest inventory and monitor deforestation
  • Precisely define, monitor, and calculate the harvest area
  • Accurately estimate logging capacity
  • Monitor pests and diseases affecting forest health
  • Track growth dynamics of newly planted trees to evaluate reforestation success
  • Prevent forest fires or mitigate their impact based on satellite data

We can unlock the deeper insights you need to drive your organisations’ decision-making, business innovation and strategic actions