Access detailed, current, and comprehensive data.

Gain a high-level view of the ever-evolving urban landscape, plan and manage growth, get greater visibility over natural resources, and improve the systems that matter most to communities. Axiom Applied Analytics’ satellite and airborne data and analysis helps decision-makers prioritize areas of change, compare large areas over time and extract country-wide data.

Our cutting-edge technology provides agile, scalable and cost-effective solutions for governments and land managers.

  • Water resource management
  • Monitor and plan utility and right-of-way needs
  • Monitor and analyse transport and transport flows
  • Track development and growth
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Compliance and permit management
  • Detect changes to ecosystems and protected areas
  • Carbon measurement and inventory
  • Disaster response

We can unlock the deeper insights you need to drive your organisations’ decision-making, business innovation and strategic actions